Martial Arts Master and First Responder Jamie Cashion Recounts Hurricane Harvey Experience

Fort Worth, TX (For Release) – Jamie Cashion, an American Karate Senior Master and fire department first responder, recounts his experiences during Hurricane Harvey in an article published in Lost Creek Living Magazine and on his personal website. The story recalls Cashion’s efforts along with other first responders to rescue people trapped by the flooding from the massive storm that hit the Houston, Texas, region.

“Unless you were in Houston or the Gulf Coast after Harvey, you cannot comprehend the true devastation of over three million people displaced.” Jamie Cashion

Cashion’s story details the efforts by his team of nearly two dozen volunteers as they raced against time and rising waters to reach victims of Hurricane Harvey. He describes the challenge of reaching Houston through the record flooding, and shares the efforts of total strangers who helped him.

One of the more unusual incidents that Cashion recounts is the story of a father and son he met who had planned to ride their jet skis down the flooded Interstate 45 outside of Houston. He was able to convince them to help him reach his destination through the flooded neighborhoods and back roads near Cypress, TX.

“I have faced fires, traumatic accidents, flooding, and more in my life,” Cashion states in the story, “but none of that could possibly have prepared me for the devastation and heroism I witnessed working rescues in and around Houston following Hurricane Harvey.”

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